dive into the excitement: the beach and back makes waves in seaside retailer magazine!

we're thrilled to share some exciting news from the world of the beach and back! in the recently published may-june issue of seaside retailer magazine, our brand was quoted in several prominent features, creating a splash that has everyone talking.

our commitment to sustainability was in the spotlight with a special feature on our partnership with repurpose recycling. we're proud to be recognized for our efforts in creating eco-friendly products that not only celebrate the beauty of the coast but also contribute to a cleaner environment. together, we're making waves and inspiring others to embrace a greener lifestyle.

but that's not all! one particular gem caught the eye of the magazine editors and was featured among a fantastic collection of coastal jewelry finds in the product focus section of the issue—the signature wave bracelet. with its unique design, crafted with love and care, it has become our best-selling style and a symbol of coastal elegance.

the beach and back is all about bringing the beach vibes to your everyday life, and being featured in seaside retailer magazine is a testament to our dedication. we're grateful for the recognition and humbled by the support of our amazing customers and partners who continue to ride the waves with us.

as we celebrate these milestones, we're even more motivated to continue creating enchanting coastal-inspired jewelry that resonates with your beach-loving souls. stay tuned for more exciting updates, new collections, and collaborations that will make your heart skip a beat!

keep riding the waves with the beach and back—your go-to destination for casual, fun, and oh-so-stylish beach-inspired jewelry. let's make every day feel like a day at the beach! 🐚🌊✨

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