giving back to the beach

we made the half-pound promise with tidey

       the beach and back banner held by clean up crew member with big bags of collected plastics


at the beach and back, we're committed to reducing ocean plastic pollution and creating a cleaner and healthier environment for all. that's why we've partnered with tidey, a company that operates by setting up collection points in coastal communities where locals can bring plastic to exchange for food, clean water, or money. 

through this partnership, we're able to make a "half-pound promise" for each product sold, meaning that for every item you buy from the beach and back it makes possible the collection and recycling of half a pound of ocean-bound plastic. this initiative not only promotes sustainable living but also helps us create a positive impact on the planet.

to ensure transparency and authenticity, repurpose recycling tracks every aspect of the collection and recycling process of ocean-bound plastic, and welcomes spot-checks by clients and third parties. their open-door policy builds trust and reinforces their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.


tidey half pound promise certificate