the beach and back and repurpose recycling

the beach and back and repurpose recycling

by carey del buono march 31, 2023

the beach and back and repurpose recycling partner to tackle marine plastic pollution

the beach and back, a coastal-inspired jewelry company, has partnered with repurpose recycling, a company focused on solving marine plastic pollution, to finance the collection and recycling of ocean-bound plastic. for every product sold by the beach and back, the company will finance the collection and recycling of half a pound of ocean-bound plastic through repurpose recycling's unique program.

"at the beach and back, we are committed to protecting the oceans and the environment that inspires our jewelry designs," said carey del buono, founder of the beach and back. "we're proud to partner with repurpose recycling and support their efforts to tackle marine plastic pollution. by financing the collection and recycling of ocean-bound plastic, we are making a positive impact on the environment and supporting the communities affected by plastic pollution."

repurpose recycling is an up-and-coming company focused on tackling marine plastic pollution. with a focus on the maria linda and achiguate rivers in guatemala, repurpose recycling collects and recycles plastic waste while creating jobs in impoverished areas. in just over a year of operations, repurpose recycling and its 150+ collectors have removed over 200,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic from the environment, with that number increasing daily.

"we're thrilled to partner with the beach and back and appreciate their commitment to sustainability," said kathryn andelin, co-founder. "together, we can make a real difference in tackling marine plastic pollution and creating a cleaner, healthier planet."

to learn more about the beach and back's sustainability efforts, visit [].

for more information about repurpose recycling and their program to tackle marine plastic pollution, visit [].

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